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SD 24.280T
Technical Specifications
Basic EngineMitsubishi 6D24T
Swept Volume11.945 cm3
Maximum Power (Flywheel)LIGHT DUTY 206 kW (280 KS); MEDIUM DUTY 190 kW (258 KS); HEAVY DUTY 179 kW (231 KS)
Maximum rpmLIGHT DUTY 2200 o/min; MEDIUM DUTY 2100 o/min; HEAVY DUTY 2000 o/min
CoolingKapalı Su Soğutma Sistemi
Cylinder bore/stroke130/150 mm
Weight1120 kg
Alternator24 V 50 A
Exhaust pipe diameter150 mm
Sea suction pipe diameter50 mm
Fuel pipe connection diameter10 mm
Blueprints and Diagrams

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Standard Equipment
- analog instrument panel with extension cable (revolution counter, hour counter, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, light alarm, sound alarm)
- flexible engine mounts
- gearbox TWIN DISC TECHNODRIVE TM 265 or Twin Disc MG 5075SC/5075A
ratio: TM 265 1:1,50; 2,09; 2,82
ratio MG 5075SC 1:1,53; 1,77; 2,05; 2,53; 2,88
MG 5075A 1:1,53; 1,77; 2,05; 2,53; 2,88
Additional Equipment
- shafting
- propeller
- single lever control
- cable for single lever control
- flexible exhaust hose
- water lock for exhaust gas
- fuel tank
SCAM DIESEL marine engine was developed on the basis of our years-long experience in engine marinization. We’ve chosen the base engine Mitsubishi with the two-stage fuel injection because it reduces noise level, ensures quiet working, increases torque and improves fuel combustion, and in this way reduces exhaust emissions. Pistons are cooled by oil jets on the underside and have additional cooling, which increases the operating life of the upper compression ring.
During its marinization SCAM made sure that all elements which require maintenance be easily accessible. Double cooling system maintains optimal working temperature. The parts that come into contact with the seawater are made of corrosion-resistant material. The engine is equipped with electrical installation, instrument panel and emergency shutdown, as well as with necessary alarms. Standard equipment includes flexible engine mounts, cable clamps and oil drain pump.
SCAM marine ürünleri teslim tarihinden itibaren 24 ay garantilidir.
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